Ever since four sons opened a gourmet olive oil shop, family dinners in Missouri just taste better.

The Mohammad brothers—Murad, Munir, Mekram, and Mustafa—opened Boone Olive Oil Company in April 2014. “Murad got the idea, and he was so passionate about it,” Munir says. “We really liked olive oil, and the more we got into it, the more we realized that what we buy from the grocery store wasn’t the best quality or taste.”

The company offers more than 50 olive oils, infused oils, gourmet oils, and balsamic vinegars, each of which customers can taste test at the Columbia storefront or order at BooneOliveOil.com. Local favorites include Tuscan herb, traditional balsamic that’s been aged 18 years, and ultra-premium extra-virgin olive oils.

Ultra-premium olive oils must meet strict standards. The olives must be picked while they’re still green and cold-pressed at no warmer than 69 degrees within four hours of being plucked from the branch. “Nothing else is done to the olive oil after that,” Munir says, save for occasionally infusing herbs or other fruit for flavored oils. The oils are sent to a lab in Australia for quality checks and chemical analysis.

The oils and vinegars are sourced from places around the world, such as California, Spain, Italy, and France. Every six months, the company alternates shipments from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres to maintain a steady, fresh supply.

The store is a family affair: each of the Mohammad brothers plays a role—even their parents get involved. “They love to cook, so they love it,” Munir says. “They’re proud of the olive oil because it tastes so good.”

Top photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash