This article is presented in partnership with Missouri Meerschaum.

Washington, Missouri has been home to Missouri Meerschaum for over 150 years now. The company creates pipes of all shapes and sizes and can actually be credited with the creation of the world’s beloved corn cob pipes. You know which pipes we’re talking about, the one that U.S. Gen Douglas MacArthur was always seen smoking, and the one Popeye the Sailor Man was never seen without. 

The Washington company recently celebrated its 150th anniversary, and if that doesn’t prove they are the real deal, then maybe breaking down some of the most sought-after pipes will. 

It’s important to know that not all pipes are the same. While Missouri Meerschaum does offer a variety of filtered and non-filtered hardwood pipes, they are definitely known for their cobs, which is why Washington, Missouri has long been known as the “Corn Cob Pipe Capital of The World.” The cob pipes at Missouri Meerschaum are made up of filtered and non-filtered cobs along with three collections: The Cobbit Collection, Hannibal Collection, and Outlaw Series.  

The Cobbit Collection features four churchwarden-style pipes, which means they all have a longer stem. The collection has the Wizard, Shire, Elf, and Dwarf. If you couldn’t tell by the name, The Dwarf is the smallest in the collection. It’s short and round and ideal for a quick smoke. 

The Shire shows off an acorn-shaped bowl and it along with The Elf are both mid-sized pipes. The Wizard is the largest in the collection measuring approximately 11 inches in length with a bowl that’s 2.875 inches tall. All of the pipes in the Cobbit Collection have a dark stain added to the coating, a hardwood insert, and an acrylic bit. 

corncob pipe
The Wizard. Photo courtesy Missouri Meerschaum.

Next up, the Hannibal Collection, which was inspired by Mark Twain’s writings along with his two popular fictional characters, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

The  Huck Finn Corn Cob Pipe features a short stem and a long bit that you can buy in either black or amber. Like the Dwarf in the Cobbit Collection, this is made for a shorter smoke. On the other hand, the Mark Twain features a Dublin-style bowl that is approximately 2.125 inches tall and perfect for a longer smoke. The final pipe in this collection, the Tom Sawyer Corn Cob Pipe, has a short stem with a short black or amber bit. It also features a slim, barrel-shaped yellow bowl.

The Mark Twain. Photo courtesy Missouri Meerschaum.

The final corn cob pipe collection at Missouri Meerschaum is perfect for anyone who is interested in the Show-Me State’s outlaw history. The Outlaw Series consists of three types of pipes that Missouri Meerschaum made in collaboration with Crow Valley Pipe Company. They are nose-warmer style pipes and each one in this collection features a wide nickel band and has the Outlaw Series Bandit branded on the side of the bowl to give you a Wild West experience.

Of course an Outlaw Series wouldn’t be complete without a Jesse James mention. The Missouri native was a bank and train robber during the 1800s and the leader of the infamous James-Younger Gang.

The pipe that carries his namesake was inspired by a steam engine’s smoke stack partly because Jesse James was the first to hold up a moving train. This pipe features its own unique label on the bottom of the bowl 

The Jesse James. Photo courtesy Missouri Meerschaum.

The second pipe in the collection was inspired by one of Jesse James’ partners during the Civil War era. The Cole Younger Pipe was inspired by the shape of a stagecoach. And the final Outlaw Pipe was inspired by the shape of a horse’s hoof and carries the name of none-other than Belle Starr, a notorious outlaw known for associating with the James-Younger Gang and who was shot in a still unsolved murder. 

Whether you’re just learning about pipes or you’re looking for a Christmas gift, Missouri Meerschaum has it all from gift sets to pipe accessories and even apparel.