‘Cue The ‘Cue–The Barbecue, That Is!

Do you love good barbecue? A dry rub delight or smothered in sauce? Here's your chance to cut to the chase, and try all kinds of delicious cuts of meat at an epic all-you-can eat event! Ribs, brisket, burnt ends, pulled pork, turkey, chicken, and more.

“Ears” to A Fun Festival!

Sweet corn is a summer staple. Whether it’s boiled, grilled in the husk, served Mexican street style, or some other way, it’s a compelling cob. Find out where you can enjoy a veritable cornucopia of sweet corn-related fun June 23–24.

Don’t Let This Event Fly By

Butterflies aren’t only beautiful, they’re beneficial. They do a wide range of environmental good, including pollination, natural pest control, and as a food source for birds and other insect-eaters. You can learn more at an engaging event.

Bet You Never “Saw” An Event Like This

Missouri's filled with summer festivals—celebrating everything from music to mushrooms. But we’ve got a festival you probably haven’t encountered before. This one celebrates a versatile,  natural material with all kinds of different uses.

A Star Studded Pridefest and Parade

Floats and performers will kick things off with an equality parade at noon. The 2023 parade route will start at the Springfield Municipal Court parking lot on the corner of Chestnut Expy. and N. Benton Ave.

“Air” On the Side of Fun!

Are your plans for June 9–10 up in the air? They should be! That’s because there’s a fabulous, fun festival happening with hot air balloons, kites, and a whole lot more. Enjoy everything from kite making and crafts to pony rides and live entertainment.

Celebrate Classic Country Crooners

If you’re a fan of iconic country artists Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, and Patsy Cline, you‘ll want to “Walk The Line” straight to a charity concert featuring a topnotch tribute band that celebrates these music legends. You’d be “Crazy” not to.

It’s “Time” To Celebrate 100 Years of Family Fun

The name Disney is synonymous with cherished childhood characters and meaningful memories. Generation after generation has grown up with the magic of “the mouse.” Find out how you can celebrate 100 years of Disney with a very magical “time” here in Missouri.

See A Sassy, Brassy Cabaret Show

Whether you’re familiar with playwright Tennessee Williams or not, you’ll want to catch a creative cabaret show that takes its inspiration from his works including Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, A Streetcar Named Desire, and The Glass Menagerie.

See A Play That Profiles A Women’s Lib Legend

Back in the late 1960s and early ‘70s when feminism was in its fledgling phase, Gloria Steinem became well known as a leader and spokesperson for the women’s liberation movement. Find out where and when you can see a provocative play about her life.