April 21, 1955

The first polio vaccines arrived in Missouri.

April 20, 1875

The St. Louis Police Board approved a "Lady's Platoon." The tallest and best looking police officers could apply to just be "hunks" and help the ladies across the streets.

April 19, 1846

The Mercantile Library opened in St. Louis on this date thus becoming the first public library west of the Mississippi.

St. Louis Cardinals baseball player hitting a home run in Busch Stadium

April 17, 1950

For the first time in baseball history an opening day game was played at night when the Cardinals beat the Pirates in St. Louis.

University of Missouri Columbia Quad Columns

April 14, 1841

Established by the Geyer Act of 1839, The University of Missouri began accepting students on April 14, 1841.

April 11, 1842

Charles Dickens was touring in Missouri on this date. He truly disliked the west and the people in it.

April 10, 1953

On this date, officials changed the name of Sprotsman's Park to Busch Stadium.

April 9, 1859

On this date Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) got his Mississippi River Boat Pilot License.

April 8, 1922

The Cardinals played the Browns and showed off their new uniforms. For the first time they had two birds on a bat with "Cardinals" underneath. 

Voting Poll direction sign

April 7, 1823

The first elections in St. Louis were held on this date.