Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, what better way to celebrate the day than with a fresh, fragrant bouquet of beautiful blooms? Learn where you create a gorgeous gift for mom to enjoy–along with a memory!

Photo credit: Lorena Schmidt, Unsplash

By Peg Cameron Gill

Flowers are frequently given as a Mother’s Day gift. But this year, why not share more than just a bouquet with mom? Why not share a fun, creative experience by building mom’s bouquet together? 

Cassidy Flower Co.’s Flower Bar at Estes Farms makes it easy. The full-service flower shop is located at Cassidy Station, at Estes Farms, between Nixa and Ozark, Mo., in Fremont Hills.  

The flower company always has a variety of fresh-cut flower stems available for you to create your own wrapped bouquet. Choose one of Cassidy’s unique, antique vases or bring a vase of your own from home to fill.

Mom can help pick her favorite flowers and combination of colors, and together you two can artfully transform them into a beautiful bouquet. 

This is a come-and-go activity. There’s no need for an appointment and it’s available every day through May 31.The Build-A-Bouquet Bar’s hours are Tues.–Fri. 10 am–6 pm, and Sat. 10 am–5 pm.

Estes Farms was established in 1872. Cassidy Station is a place that values heritage, farm, and home. To honor 150 years of Estes Farms, the owners began restoring their family farmstead in Cassidy, Mo., in 2022. 

This heritage project will have several phases—which are all meant to contribute to the legacy of Estes farms. The farm is being fully renovated and opened to the public in order to preserve its history and positively impact its community for generations to come.

Cassidy Flower Co. opened in February of 2023. The flower shop is phase two of the heritage project. It’s located in the workshop at Estes Farms in a building on the backside of the farmhouse. 

 The new flower shop is full of old memories and many stories featuring walls built of original barnwood from the family’s century farm, an old workstation used by one of the current owner’s grandfathers, a repurposed sink from the milkbarn, and several other unique family heirlooms. 

The shop’s signature style has been carefully curated, with each design stemming from the inspiration of countryside cottage gardens and the imagination of its lead designer, Lauren Lindsay. 

Lauren comes to Cassidy Flower Co. as an experienced florist from Fleur Floral Studio in Springfield, Mo. She has a notable portfolio full of creative designs.

So bring mom and come create an inspired bouquet of your own together!

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