Interior designer Kelee Katillac is widely known for her incomparable mix of color, couture, pop culture, and history. In Historic Style, Katillac reimagines what preservation can be with a renegade attitude and bold Mick Jagger style.


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Working with historical patterns from Adelphi Paper Hangings, Kelee Katillac boldly recolors period wallpapers as an homage to the great houses and America’s hidden creators, while shifting paradigms with her concept rooms. “The human spirit cannot thrive within a time capsule. The future of preservation depends on honoring and including all who co-created our built environment. I intend to swing open the front door of America’s house to everyone,” Katillac says. 

Writer Jorge Arango chronicles Katillac’s design process and deft knowledge of period styles from the 17th to the 20th century. Practical advice includes case notes on historic rehabilitation and inspiration for walls, windows, fabric, fixtures, furnishings, and fine art. With more than 200 vibrant photos by some of the world’s leading photographers, Historic Style offers a contemporary perspective that acknowledges the past and paves a way for diversity in the future of preservation. A BONUS: Kelee’s Design Diaries with musical playlists, spinning tracks from Alanis Morissette to Kendrick Lamar to Led Zeppelin and Harry Styles. These stream-of-consciousness musings enliven the design process with joy, relevance, and wit.

Once “The Most Endangered Historic Place in Missouri” The Henry Blosser House 1878 is now a restored American Dream. Readers of HISTORIC STYLE will be inspired to save and restore such places while bringing their own personal narrative to the story. With contributions from great American house museums and their curators—including Mount Vernon, Montpelier and Historic New England—we find a more colorful and inclusive view of our built environment and the diversity of hands that created it. In more than 40 original rooms inspired by the past 300 years, Kelee Katillac recolors historic wallpapers by Adelphi Paper Hangings, and in so doing swings open the front door of America’s house to everyone.

360 pages, nonfiction, Missouri Life Media, hardcover (10 7/8 by 12 3/4 inches), $95

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