Joplin Gets an Independent Movie Theater

When Holly and Bradley Crane opened the door to a vacated thrift store, they stepped into a dream.

“It was an amazing property find with the exact space we needed,” Holly says. “The building dates back to 1907, but it was fully restored with a very unique Old World aesthetic in the early 2000s.”

The atmosphere was the perfect fit for the vision Holly and Bradley had for an independent movie theater in Joplin. On April 13, they opened Bookhouse Cinema at 715 East Broadway. The theater exhibits film series based on classic masterpieces and runs special features highlighting the Cranes’ favorite directors. Early showings included Blue Velvet, Bombshell, RBG, and Isle of Dogs.

And the building off™ered an unexpected bonus: a kitchen. Holly and Bradley have used this boon to add a pub.

“We off™er high-quality dining choices but simplified so that everyone can find something to enjoy,” Bradley says. “We serve many vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. A handful of social groups have made the pub their new spot to meet up and sometimes play online bingo for money. It’s a perfect home for a book club, board gamers, freethinkers, and political discussion groups.”

Soon, Holly and Bradley hope to expand the pub’s hours to lunchtime. They also look forward to opening their patio for outdoor film screenings, live entertainment, and more dining space. Visit to check out what’s playing and other details.