June Book Blurbs


Timothy C. Richards, 280 pages, nonfiction, Xznark Press, softcover, $19.95

This book tells the true, behind-the-scenes stories of the kidnappers, murderers, mobsters, and the St. Louis detectives that pursued them from the 1960s through the 1990s. Author Tim Richards is a former police detective with the St. Louis Metropolitan Department, Intelligence Unit Detective, DEA Agent, and Homicide Detective. There are sixty-two pages of photos showcasing the most notorious criminals, respected detectives, and crime documents. Tim chased Mafia bosses, dealt with corrupt politicians, and became immersed in St. Louis’s criminal underbelly. Written in first person narrative, Intel-210 is a fast-paced history of cops and crooks. Tim has written four other true-crime books and two novels.

This St. Louis author created a field guide with a host of contributing writers, all experts in various fields. It is divided into three sections: Unraveling the Nature of Humanity, Practicing Harmonious Living, and Seasonal Ponderings. The guide challenges readers to make improvements in their relationships with nature. Space is left on the pages for readers to add their own comments, thoughts, and drawings, and a list of other resources is included. This guide takes the reader on a journey of discovery, covering topics such as the benefits of catching water in rain barrels, why outdoor cats are harmful, or appreciating that chicory flowers bloom for only one day.

Missouri An Illustrated Timeline: 200 Years of Heroes and Rogues, Heartbreak and Triumph
John W. Brown, 200 pages, nonfiction, Reedy Press, hardcover, $39.95

An engaging coffee table book format helps this book cover two hundred years of Show-Me State history, with an important piece of history from each of Missouri’s years of statehood, plus a little bit from our time as a territory. A photo or an illustration punctuate each story, event, or anecdote. The book covers famous tales like the election of Harry S. Truman and the infamous media gaffe when the election was erroneously called in Thomas Dewey’s favor, as well as more obscure moments like the opening of Missouri’s largest railroad bridge. The most recent years include back-to-back national championships for teams representing our two largest cities. Overflowing with art, this book is a great bicentennial memento.

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