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When Sedalia resident Terry Shull won the 2017 Missouri State Fair Burger Contest, he did it his way. With 17 years of cooking under his belt, Terry has learned to experiment and try new recipes.

Beef has always played an important role in Terry’s life, starting when he was young growing up on the family farm. His family raised Hereford cattle.

“The Hereford is a gentle breed and their meat is very tender,” Terry says.

Between 1988 and 1992, Terry served in the Marine Corps, spending part of that time in Korea. The Korean native food inspired him, he says, describing the cuisine as a little spicier than Chinese food. He later found himself reaching back into those inspired memories to compete in cooking contests around Missouri.

In 1994, after two years out of the service, Terry joined the Army. While stationed in Germany, he became a certified Army chef and soon found his passion for grilling.

Combining life experiences as he would ingredients, Terry took everything he had learned while serving his country and put it to practical use. His love for Korean food plus his creative cooking skills equaled an award-winning combination. “I like to use the 80/20 (beef/fat ratio) in addition to brisket, mixing it up to make a good hamburger,” Terry says.

He adds that this mixture makes burgers that taste more substantial than those made of ground chuck. In the past, Terry has ground up ribeye steak to use in his hamburgers in addition to the brisket and ground chuck—combining the cuts in three equal parts.

Terry prefers to cook his burgers to medium. USDA recommends that ground beef be cooked to a safe and savory 160 degrees.

For his winning entry at last year’s fair, Terry crafted a burger with Korean flair. His unconventional thinking paid off, spurring his creativity as he continues to grill on charcoal.

“I encourage people to go for it, especially in a competition setting,” he says. “Try new things … this is when you can discover new recipes.”

1/3 Burger

Courtesy of Terry Shull


Use meat in amounts according to number of desired servings. Generally, 1 pound of ground meat makes 3 or 4 burgers, depending on size of patties.

  • 1/2 portion 80/20 (meat/fat ratio) ground beef
  • 1/2 portion ground ribeye steak
  • 1/2 portion ground brisket


  1. Mix together well and form patties in desired size.
  2. Cook on a charcoal grill until it is medium (or desired finish, including until well done).
  3. Add desired condiments and enjoy.

Note: Terry Shull prefers to cook over charcoal or wood, which gives a distinctive taste to the meat. For other great beef recipes, visit