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Season 5 | Episode 2 | Warrensburg, MO

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Welcome to Warrensburg, Missouri! On this episode of Missouri Life TV, we’ll experience Powell Gardens – a peaceful respite attracting sightseers, plant-lovers, and even soon-to-be-newlyweds. Visit Blind Boone Park and hear the story of John William Boone, whose rich character and inspiring music continues to bring the community together. Walk the quad at the home of the Missouri Mules, University of Central Missouri. Learn the importance of growing and buying locally grown produce at Buckeye Acres. Bake artisan bread at Green Truck Bakery. Enjoy an inclusive playground designed for people of all abilities to enjoy at Cave Hollow Park. Play classic video games and browse timeless memorabilia at Retrograde Charitable Toy and Videogame Museum. And lastly, we’ll stop off at Whiteman Air Force Base to see aircraft, classic and modern alike, soar high above the Warrensburg Sky during their Wings over Whiteman airshow.

Welcome to Warrensburg, MO - Episode 2

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