Big things are always happening in Missouri. In this week’s headline roundup, we’ve got big bugs, big fish, big money, and your big chance to land on national TV.

There’s always something exciting happening in our fair state. Here’s a roundup of a few of our favorite recent headlines. Spot a story you’d like to share? Send it to newsletter editor Caroline Dohack for possible inclusion in a future issue.

How the moon brought the bucks to Missouri

As part of its “Eventful Economy” series, Mastercard released data showing how credit card sales increased along the path of totality during the solar eclipse. In Missouri, we saw a 17% uptick in fuel sales, a 135% increase in hotel sales, a 47% boost in dining sales from Friday, April 5 to Monday, April 8.

The bugs are back

We knew they were coming, but three clues—warm soil temps, iris blooms, and the emergence of pencil-size holes in the ground—indicate that the cicada super swarm could arrive earlier than initially anticipated. Known as the Great Southern Brood, these periodical cicadas make themselves known every 13 years. KSDK in St. Louis has the story.

Reel ‘em in

The Missouri Department of Conservation has confirmed that Festus angler George Chance has broken both the state and world records for biggest fish caught with a pole and line. Chance hauled in a monster 97-pound bighead carp while fishing for catfish from the Mississippi River. 

Missouri flag maker gets her due

Mary Watkins Oliver, the Cape Girardeau woman who played an instrumental role in creating the Missouri state flag, has been inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians. As Missourinet reports, a statue of Oliver now stands alongside others depicting such notable figures as President Harry S. Truman, Walt Disney, Bob Barker, and Walter Cronkite.

We got spirit!

In the Columbia Missourian, we hear from the University of Missouri cheer team, which just won its second consecutive national championship title. 

Show Me the billionaires 

Forbes just released its annual World’s Billionaires List. Of the 2,781 named, eleven were born, educated, currently own a residence, or have business dealings in Missouri. Fox 2 in St. Louis has the breakdown on who’s who.

One man’s trash

The American Pickers crew is headed through Missouri this June looking for treasures to highlight on its popular History Channel program. Do you have something they need to see? Here’s how you can get in touch. (Oh, and please let us know if you end up on the show. We want to know all about it.)