Tucked away, behind a quiet, unassuming coffee shop in downtown Odessa is a studio where the owners believe that the leather bag you carry should reflect your individual personality, style, and history. Ryan and Tiffany Watkins of Bailey & Watkins say that every unique piece they create is inspired by a memory, family heirloom, or a story.

“Over time we came to love the idea of functional art, which would be created specifically for a person, then would go out into the world and develop its own story with use over time,” Ryan explains.

Samples of the couple’s custom work can be seen at BaileyandWatkins.com. Call 816-653-0061 for a private consultation.

Their studio is located in the back of Black Box Coffee at 110 South Second Street in Odessa—a full service coffee bar that is also run by the couple. The shop is open 6 AM to 11 AM Tuesday through Friday, from 5 PM to 8 PM Thursday, and 7:30 AM to noon Saturday; they’re closed Sunday and Monday.