After the holidays, many people decide to abstain from alcohol in favor of a sober January. If you decided that this post-partying approach was for you, learn about a weekend that eschews the booze but not the fun.

By Peg Cameron Gill

Whether for health or other reasons, the decision to quit drinking for the month of January has become increasingly popular. A CNN report showed that in 2022, 35% of legal-age US adults went sans sipping any alcohol for the whole month!

If you’ve decided to jump on the dry January bandwagon (and don’t plan to fall off it), Kansas City has you covered with the Dry Vibes event, happening at The Fontaine Hotel at 3216 Gillham Plaza, suite 250, in Kansas City, Mo.

Friday, January 13, and Sunday, January 15, you can enjoy a whole host of special events as dry as the desert. From a sober social networking soiree to hearing inspiring speakers, to tasting a bevy of NA bevies, Dry Vibes will be overflowing with good times for the sober or the sober-curious.

The speakers include Jimmy Semrick, founder of Brella Drops zero-proof cocktails, Melissa Saubers, founder of Sans Bar KC, and Mara Olney, fitness enthusiast, who’ll be sharing her alcohol-free lifestyle.

Dry Vibes comes to you courtesy of Gem Bar and SipSteady, two businesses founded by and owned by women. Both businesses seek to promote and increase the number of social activities for non-drinkers and those who they call ”mindful drinkers.”

According to Kayla Mason and Sarah Pretorius of SipSteady, who are also Dry Vibes co-hosts, “SipSteady is excited to help position Kansas City as a leader in the growing mindful drinking movement. Events like Dry Vibes aim to cultivate more alcohol-free and sober-friendly spaces for locals and visitors alike. We believe everyone deserves social spaces where they feel seen, included, and free to be their authentic selves.”

Drew Davis, another Dry Vibes co-host, is the founder and self-proclaimed well-being warrior of Gem Life + Bar. Now living in Philadelphia, she’s originally from Kansas City.

“I am excited to bring an unforgettable AF and wellness experience to Kansas City,” Drew says. “

This event means so much to me to return to a community I adore and share my journey and newfound elevated lifestyle through conscious cocktails and mindfulness. My goal is for attendees to feel happy, healthy, and centered through this one-of-a-kind experience.”

This type of event is on the rise nationwide; fueled in part by our growing health consciousness. Some who participate in Dry January even hire a “sobriety coach.” Such coaches point out that a January sober sit-out can have many benefits: Brighter skin, better sleep, and saving money. Plus, you may lose weight. A study published in the British Medical Journal shows people who gave up alcohol for one month had significant improvements in their health and lost an average of 4 pounds!

Another good tip is to have a partner or a “my dry.” If you know someone who also wants to participate in Dry January, team up. It’s much like the principle behind an AA sponsor. You rely on them and text each other during the evening if you’re having a rough time. You also celebrate the victories day by day.

So, if you’ve vowed to steer clear of beer, refrain from champagne, and pass on that glass of anything else with alcohol in it this month (or all the time) get ready to mix and mingle at The Dry Vibes weekend. Without any alcoholic mixed drinks, of course.