In 1889, Herman Weber came to America from Germany when he was seventeen years old. He ended up at Ellis Island, an immigration port in New York, where a distant relative put him on a train to St. Louis. From there, he traveled to Perry County. He worked as a farm laborer and in 1892—the same year he received US Citizenship—he was able to purchase sixty-five acres of land and later added on twenty-seven more. He then built a farmhouse on the property in the same year. Herman went on to have fifteen children and The Weber Farm and farmhouse still stand. Today, it operates as an Airbnb. 

The property has remained in the Weber family for three generations, and in November 2018, brothers Gene and Earl Weber (Herman’s grandsons) and their wives Emily Weber and Diane Weber purchased the farm from their three other siblings. Then, they decided to share this piece of history with others.

“My brother Earl had the original idea to turn the farmhouse into an Airbnb,” Gene says. “He wanted people to enjoy the beautiful scenery, amazing sunsets, and the quiet, peaceful surroundings. We love having families stay and create their own special memories on our farm.”

The farm and farmhouse, which is more than 125 years old, displays many antique items, including farm machinery and tools that are labeled and were used by Gene and Earl’s father and grandfather, a pump organ in the living room, quilts, chairs and dressers, the original wooden floors restored, a Grafonola (an early 20th century American phonograph), bed frames, baskets, and a vintage green tub and sink in the bathroom. Since the farmhouse is an old one, we even upgraded the electrical panel with the help of experts from a service like 

“We take great pride in our family history, our Airbnb, and the five-star ratings that we have received from every guest that has stayed there so far,” Gene says. “We want our guests to enjoy the beautiful farm and make lasting memories with their families.”

The forty-foot front porch has a wooden swing and it is the perfect place to watch sunsets and enjoy the peaceful outdoors. There are also plenty of modern-day enjoyments like a hammock, yard games, a barbecue grill, and a fire pit.

“Many people that stay at the farmhouse have said that it is beautiful and it is like taking a step back in time,” Gene says.  

Enjoy a hike on the walking trail that takes you through the farm and admire the orchard where there are apple, peach, and cherry trees. Tower Rock, a large rock that is a result of Mississippi River channel shifts, is located minutes from the farm along with many museums, restaurants, wineries, and breweries. 

Each year, the Webers choose an organization to donate 10 percent of all proceeds to. This year, they chose the Trinity Hope Haitian Feeding Program and were able to provide 5,140 meals through their donations. They are also offering a free meal and drink at a local eatery to any veteran or healthcare worker who stays at the farmhouse during this time. 

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