Say ‘hello’ to bolder colors, more bloom times, and shade-lovers!

This article is presented in partnership with Rost Landscaping and Superior Garden Center.

We are always excited when spring comes around to see what is rolling into our garden center. There are many new perennials on the market, but we want to share a few of the new and improved we are carrying for 2022. Perennials will come back every year, providing color, texture and food for pollinators. 

Cat’s Meow Nepeta – This is an improved variety on Walker’s Low Catmint, giving better and bolder color. Its gray-green leaves are topped with spikes of purple flowers from early summer to early fall. It has less flop because of its slightly smaller and improved form at a little over 2 feet tall and wide. Cat’s Meow takes full sun and was voted “most likely to thrive.”

Salvia Blue by You – This perennial is an excellent alternative to the May Night Salvia. It needs full sun, and has a growth habit rounding out at 1 ½ feet tall and wide. A main perk is that after deadheading, instead of it taking about 6 weeks to re-bloom, we are looking at a better turn-around time of 4 weeks providing more color for your growing season with long-lasting violet blue flower spikes. 

Earlybird Columbine Series– We are now carrying this shade lover that comes in blue and pink. Early Bird rounds out to about one foot tall and wide. It has earlier blooms to give you not only color sooner in spring, but also attracts hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. Also, instead of just one bloom and done, you can deadhead them and Early Bird columbine will bloom 1-2 more times.

Earlybird Columbine Series. Photo—Proven Winners

Dianthus Paint the Town Series- These come in an assortment of vibrant colors and overall, had an improved fullness compared other dianthus varieties. It can take part sun to sun and reaches up to 1 foot tall and wide. This petite perennial can still pack a punch along your pathways with its blue foliage and bright, fragrant frilly flowers from early summer to early fall.  

Our improved perennials are not only striking, but they are fairly low maintenance! Not to mention, they are all deer resistant. These are great for those who don’t feel as if they have a green thumb. If you see any gaps in your landscape, be sure to keep some of our new 2022 perennials in mind.