Where to See A Winter Wonderland Village?

This town welcomes you to go ice skating for only $5, see Santa and get free pictures, and visit a Winter Wonderland Village. And there are unique boutiques around the square to shop for Christmas gifts, too.

July 5, 1861

The Battle of Carthage was fought and the Confederates had their first victory.

Belle starr Fort Smith on a horse with a pistol. Public domain

February 3, 1846

The "Bandit Queen" Belle Starr was born in Carthage, MO. She was probably the most infamous of all the pistol-packin' mamas of those days. Read more about her in Tales From Missouri and the Heartland.

Belle starr Fort Smith on a horse with a pistol

7 Outlaw Women From Missouri

From the “Petticoated Terror of the Plains” Belle Starr to the fearless Bonnie Parker of America’s most notorious criminal couple, Missouri holds ties to more than its share of nefarious women.