Butterfield Stage Wagon

November 18, 1801

John Butterfield was born on this day. He went on to found the Butterfield Overland Mail stage line from St. Louis to San Francisco. He also founded American Express. 

Meramec River

October 10, 1700

A French missionary, Father Gravier, noted in his journal, "Discovered the river Mirameguoua, where the rich lead mine is situated, 12 or 13 leagues from its mouth." Today we refer to that river as the Meramec. "Meramec" (Mirameguoua) is an Osage word meaning catfish.

Overland Mail Butterfield Stage Pony Express Missouri

October 9, 1858

The first Overland Mail from California reached St. Louis. It was carried to the route terminus at Tipton and put on a train for St. Louis. The trip took almost 25 days. 

Pony Express Stamp

October 4, 1814

Birthday of Alexander Majors of Westport, MO.  He was a co-founder of a huge freighting firm, the Overland Stage Co., and the Pony Express. Read more about him in Tales From Missouri and the Heartland.

Finale of the Lewis & Clark Expedition

William Clark wrote of the "great velocity" of their trip as they grew ever more eager to get home. They made 65 miles this day and found themselves near present day Washington and Marthasville. One of the men shouted when he saw a cow and they knew they were back on the edge of settled country.

May 7, 1839

Joseph Robidoux paid $8 for a license to run a ferry across the river at what is now St. Joseph.

September 17, 1858

The first westbound Butterfield Overland stagecoach passed through the key city of Springfield amid a tremendous celebration. Read more about this in Tales From Missouri and the Heartland.