An Amazing Art Process You’ll Want to Watch

What happens when you drive a road roller over inked wood blocks and paper? You make massive prints hot off the pavement! You’ve probably never seen this kind of printmaking before. But we can tell you where you can watch it.

Kansas City

On March 2, 1944, the Kansas City school board agrees to hire married women to teach. In the years around World War II, women were being allowed new opportunities in the workforce, due to a severe shortage of workers.

Choose Art and Choose Freedom for Abuse Victims

Art is a powerful means of expression. It gives voice to its creator’s thoughts and emotions and can move those who view it in many ways. Art can make us feel happy or sad, peaceful or agitated. But what if art could also be a powerful force for good?

J.J Restaurant Explosion

On February 19, 2013, $10,000 per bottle of wine and other items went up in flames when a worker broke a gas line at J.J.’s up-scale restaurant in Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza. Somehow, only one person died in the explosion. 

Kansas City Blues was Founded

On January 26, 1924, the National Football League franchised the team farthest west of all their teams, the Kansas City Blues.   

H & R Block was Founded

On January 25, 1955, H&R Block was founded in Kansas City by Richard and Henry Bloch. Their small tax preparation firm went on to become one of the largest accounting firms in the world.

Eskimo Pie Bars Patented

On January 24, 1922, the patent was granted to Russell Stover for the Eskimo Pie ice cream bar. The treat helped propel growth for Stover’s company, Russell Stover Candies, which moved its headquarters to Kansas City in 1931.

9 Relics You Can See in Missouri

From the jacket worn by Mark Twain to Truman's famous "The Buck Stops Here" sign, you can find these historical icons within the borders of the Show-Me State.

First Missouri Battleship Launched

On December 29, 1901, the first Battleship Missouri was launched with a bottle of vintage Missouri wine. 

Death of Arthur Bryant

On December 28, 1982, Arthur Bryant dies at the age of 80, working at the restaurant he made famous until the end. Bryant wasn’t from Kansas City, but he certainly helped make Kansas City barbecue famous.