March 3, 1911

The "Blonde Bombshell" was born in Kansas City. Harlean Harlow Carpenter changed her name to Jean Harlow and became the biggest sex symbol in Hollywood during the 1930s.

From our Archive: The Missouri Murals

Explore Thomas Hart Benton's Missouri Murals.

Farm Fresh is Best

I ate locally sourced food for seven days, and so can you.

A Walk Through Missouri’s Largest Municipal Parks

Forest and Swope Park both rank among our nation's largest city parks by acreage, and both played important roles in the development of their communities.

Explore Nightlife Spots For Painters, Dog Lovers, Gamers, and More

Whether your tastes run to enjoying a beer while you play fetch with Fido, sipping wine while you paint, or nursing a Donkey Kong cocktail during a pinball match, welcome to a whole new world of entertaining nightlife.

If You Love Something, Lock It Up On This Kansas City Bridge

Minor Park's Old Red Bridge in Kansas City brings an old world tradition to the midwest.

February 4, 1850

The “Town of Kansas” was incorporated in Missouri on this day. Today, we known it as Kansas City.

January 29, 2002

A slow-moving ice storm moved across Kansas City leaving death and destruction behind. 400,000 homes faced the winter cold with no electricity and the streets and sidewalks were impassible.

January 15, 1967

The Kansas City Chiefs appeared in the nation’s very first Super Bowl.

January/February Events Worth the Drive

Our picks include a film festival, an ice carnival, and a dance group performing to songs by the Beatles.