Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Open Soon

Almost 200 outlets will be opening in August, and cultivation can begin. Here’s what you should know.

May 12, 1928

Birthday of musician-composer Burt Bacharach from Kansas City. 

News You Can Use During COVID-19

Virtual events, ways to give back, and food and drink options all around the state.

Missouri’s Craft Beer Scene

Missouri's craft beer scene is more vibrant and prestigious than ever.

The Sweet Buzz

Missouri’s Hobbyist and Commercial beekeepers help our bee populations stay healthy.

The 2020 Market Fair has Been Cancelled

Meet the vendors who'll be selling their wares at the 2020 Best of Missouri Life Festival.

April 28, 2010

The largest concrete bridge deck pour in the state's history took place on this date in Kansas City while building the new Christopher S. Bond Bridge.

Kansas City’s Master Furniture Maker

Matt Castilleja creates world-class bespoke furniture in the heart of Kansas City.

March 12, 1955

The life of KC's fabulously talented Charlie "Bird" Parker ended on this day. He was suffering from pneumonia and an ulcer, as well as cirrhosis, and had struggled with declining mental health and an addiction to heroin and alcohol. He was 34 years old. Parker is buried in Lincoln Cemetery near Kansas City.

March 3, 1911

The "Blonde Bombshell" was born in Kansas City. Harlean Harlow Carpenter changed her name to Jean Harlow and became the biggest sex symbol in Hollywood during the 1930s.