Joplin, Missouri Main Street

Joplin is Incorporated: March 23, 1873

Joplin was incorporated on this day by the state, but it had already been there for a long and colorful time.

Be “Lead” On A Free Mine Museum Tour!

Lead mining has been big business in the eastern Ozarks since about 1720. But how much do you know about the history of mining in Missouri? You can learn all about it at a free and informative open house at a historic state mine museum!

View of Heart Castle and fountains in the front entrance

September 3, 1820

Birthday of George Hearst near Sullivan, MO. He graduated from the Franklin County Mining School, then walked to California in 1850 in search of gold. He made a fortune in gold, silver, copper and other minerals. His family's California home became a state park known as Hearst Castle.