Frozen Mississippi River at St. Louis, Eads Bridge, historical

Arctic Temperatures Bring Hard Times to St. Louis: February 1, 1899

Extreme cold temperatures were gripping St. Louis on this date in 1899, so much so that a report in the Kansas City Journal claimed five St. Louisans had succumbed to the cold the day before. It was reported that temperatures hadn’t gone higher than 1 degree Fahrenheit.

July 30, 1993

People were evacuated from south St. Louis on this date in 1993 as authorities feared propane tanks set loose by the Flood of '93 could explode.

July 20, 1993

The Flood of '93 ravaged Missouri and the Midwest from April to October, with the biggest rainfalls coming in July. On this date, the Mississippi River in St. Louis topped 47 feet.