May 3, 1870

On this day the railroad was welcomed into Springfield, Missouri. This effectively removed the Ozarks as a barrier to Springfield's connection with the east.

Ozarks Inspiration

Young artist turns mandatory break from classes into a pandemic commission.

The Beatles Ozarks

September 19, 1964

The Beatles spent some secret vacation time in the Ozark Mountains near Alton. They arrived in a seven-seater airplane and spent thirty-six hours relaxing, swimming, hiking, horse riding, go-karting, shooting, and fishing.

June 19, 1913

Alberta Claire, "The Girl from Wyoming," was back in Missouri and on her way to an extended ride through the Ozarks.

Luxury Travel in the Ozarks

Our most storied region caters to luxury travel enthusiasts in spades.

Passport to the Ozarks is a destination guide about different restaurants, shops, and places to see in the Missouri Ozarks. Find copies at McConnell’s website, McConnell’s 2011 book, Marshfield, was also chosen as a “Best Book” by Missouri Life.

The Ozarks Chronicler

Kaitlyn McConnell keeps the Ozarks alive through her writing, including a new book.

The moon in the night sky over Lake of The Ozarks

210 Miles to Taum Sauk

Things you see, places you go, and people you meet hiking the Ozark Trail.

There are many antique shops located in Southwestern Missouri, a travel destination for many seeking decor from the past

Antiquing in Southwest Missouri

Pick a starting point and explore all of the antiques southwest Missouri has to offer.

The literature of the Ozarks

An Ozark Anthology

The Literature of the Ozarks: An Anthology