February 17, 1906

Plans were announced for the beautiful Cathedral in St. Louis' Central West End. 

February 14, 1928

When news broke that Charles Lindbergh was returning home from his goodwill tour of Mexico and South America, 100,000 people crowded the St. Louis riverfront to welcome him. When he saw the crowd, Lindbergh put on a stunt-flying show for them. 

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February 11, 1930

Prohibition was in full swing and a 33,000 gallon vat of mash was discovered in St. Louis. The estimated capacity of the still was suggested to be 400 gallons per day. 

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Winter Floating

Brrrr, but you’ll see wildlife and have the river to yourself.

January 31, 1929

The second largest theater in the world opened on this date in St. Louis. The Fox Theater seats 4500 people.

January 30, 1982

On January 30th and 31st 1982, a blizzard occurred with the heaviest axis of snow blanketing St. Louis, Missouri with 21-24 inches of snow.

January 27, 1810

St. Louis officially organized citizens into fire companies. All able-bodied men were required to keep two sturdy buckets on hand and be ready to serve.

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