January 14, 1868

The only typewriter in the United States was in use in St. Louis as Charles Weller transcribed court notes

January 6, 1912

The wonderful main library on Olive in St. Louis opened on this date.

January 5, 1905

Employees taking down the World's Fair discovered the fine qualities of the snow-covered hill in front of what is now the Art Museum.

January/February Events Worth the Drive

Our picks include a film festival, an ice carnival, and a dance group performing to songs by the Beatles.

Speakeasies Around the State

Five Prohibition-style speakeasies serve classic cocktails while recreating the past.

December 30, 1882

A fireworks factory exploded on the grounds of Sportsman's Park in St. Louis. Neighbors and fans had complained for years that it wasn't good to have an explosives factory next to a stadium.

December 29, 1901

The World's Fair Company awarded a contract to construct a wooden tunnel to take the River Des Peres under the fairgrounds on this date in 1901.

December 27, 1869

The composing room at Concordia Publishing House (on the campus of Concordia Seminary in Saint Louis) was put into operation.

December 23, 1932

Street lights burned all day in St. Louis because the smoke was so bad. The Depression was causing everyone to burn wood and cheap coal.

December 21, 1847

The very first telegraph was sent to St. Louis. It was sent to the Missouri Republican newspaper from Louisville.