This article is presented in partnership with Burgers’ Smokehouse.

With holiday events coming fast and recommendations for social distancing still in place for many, a tapas-style event may be a perfect option for a seasonal get-together. Tapas is an assortment of small savory Spanish dishes served as appetizers, snacks, or collectively as a meal, but you can take the concept and use different bite-sized dishes or finger foods to create a delicious menu of flavors for your guests. Create a space that allows for social distance, set up a few spaced-out food stations, and serve up a variety of dishes to help your family and friends enjoy time together.

For example, put smoked sausage and smoked bacon together in bite-sized bits served on toothpicks. Burgers’ Smokehouse Bacon-Wrapped Smoked Sausage with Cheese makes accomplishing this easy. They take fresh ground pork and mix it with seasoned cure ingredients and small pieces of cheese to form a sausage link. They then wrap it in a slice of smoked bacon and fully cook it. All you’ll have to do is heat, slice, skewer, and plate it on a serving platter.

Add a little heat with
Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers. Again, these are easy and full of flavor. Burgers’ Smokehouse makers start with fresh jalapeños then stuff them with seasoned cream cheese and wrap them with slices of gourmet smoked bacon. Cook and plate for serving, and you’re done.

It’s hard to go wrong with chicken wings for a tapas-style menu. They are a quintessential finger food, and Burger’s Smokehouse
Chicken Wing Sampler offers a trio of wing flavors—Nashville Hot, Smoky BBQ Ranch, or classic Salt & Pepper—for an appetizer platter. Each wing is seasoned and coated before being seared to lock in the flavor and juices. Next, they are packaged and cooked sous-vide style to ensure wing consistency. This is an easy heat-and-serve option for crispy wings with all the flavor of chicken wings, but none of the mess. 

A meal isn’t quite complete without something sweet—tapas-style or sit-down—and having an assortment to please every palate means everyone is happy. Burger’s Party Sampler is a collection of gourmet cheesecakes that features two slices of each cheesecake flavor for a total of sixteen slices. Leave the slices whole if you have a smaller gathering, and plate slices prior to guests arriving to minimize contact in the kitchen. If it’s a larger gathering or if you want guests to be able to experience more than one flavor, cut the slices into bite-size pieces and place in small cupcake papers to serve.

Whether you’re celebrating the holidays with friends, extended family, or a cozy evening in with your spouse and kids, a tapas-style spread will take the work of a larger meal off of your plate so you can make the most of your time together.