Springfield’s C-Street: ‘It just reels you in’

Stand at the east end, and you’ll see a chocolate factory next door to a 125-year-old family-owned hardware store, both facing railroad tracks laid more than 150 years ago. At the west end a half-mile away, there’s a craft brewery on one side of the street—and a boxing gym, tattoo shop, vintage boutique, mountain bike service shop, and pub on the other.

Artisan Cheese Festival Celebrates Missouri Cheesemakers

A country festival with skilled Missouri artisan cheesemakers as the main attraction is ready to begin a three-day run May 20-May 22 at McKelvey Vineyards at 8901 Highway YY near New Haven in Franklin County.

May 14, 1804

On this date in history, the Lewis and Clark Expedition—also known as the Voyage of Discovery—sets out across Missouri to explore the lands west of the Mississippi.