They say the family that plays together stays together. For the past quarter century, the Haygoods have been living that adage while delighting thousands in Branson.

Migrating to Missouri from Texas in 1993, the musical family found a home in Silver Dollar City. The eight Haygood siblings—Timothy, Patrick, Dominic, Shawn, Michael, Matthew, Catherine, and Aaron—grew up in the theme park, performing six shows a day, six days a week as The Haygood Family Fiddlers while balancing school work and instrument lessons. In six thousand shows over an eight-year run, the Haygoods became the most successful and highest-rated show in Silver Dollar City history. They moved their show to the 76 Strip in 2001.

They starred in an RFD-TV series there and released their first CD, Leaving It All Behind. Now ensconced in the Clay Cooper Theatre (minus brothers Aaron and Shawn), the Haygoods continue to set records for sold-out shows.

The Haygoods are celebrating their twenty-fifth year in Branson with a brand-new show this season. For details, visit them at