During this brand-new, one-mile walking tour through a village, our editor will share ghost stories and other rarely-told tales from the town’s turbulent history. 

Sandy Selby. Photo courtesy of Arrow Rock Ghost Tours

Arrow Rock, Missouri, has had its share of misfortune, tragedies, and nefarious characters. Your tour guides on this historical, educational tour will tell stories that will raise goosebumps, offer evidence of lingering spirits and share other stories from the town’s tragic events and unfortunate victims. (But no ghoulish creatures will be jumping out of the dark to scare the group; this isn’t a haunted house-style experience.) 

The walking tour will proceed at a leisurely pace, and there will be frequent stops, including two chances for sitting indoors midway through the tour and the other near the end. Still, the organizers suggest people should be able to walk and stand for the tour’s entire distance of a mile and duration of about two hours.

Your tour guide includes Sandy Selby, Missouri Life’s editor-in-chief, and her husband, Marty Selby, who lives in Arrow Rock. Sandy has collected ghost stories from locals and tantalizing tidbits from Arrow Rock’s wild and wooly early years. She’s a storyteller orally and in print! Marty is a historic preservation consultant who will share information on the history and construction of Arrow Rock’s buildings. 

The tour ends at Catalpa restaurant on the Arrow Rock boardwalk, where you’ll get cookies and cider as part of your tour package, or you may order cocktails or milkshakes at their regular prices. 


Photo courtesy of Arrow Rock Ghost Tours

Arrow Rock Ghost Tours are scheduled on Fridays and Saturdays in October and are available by special arrangement for groups throughout the year. Due to high demand, a tour has been added for Saturday, November 5. Purchase your $25 tickets here. For an additional $15, you can get a tee shirt with a glow-in-the-dark design. The tour is geared toward adults, but children over 5 years of age are allowed and must be accompanied by an adult.