March 15, 1931

The final Missouri section of pavement was complete and Route 66 is opened between Rolla and Lebanon.

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February 24, 1859

The border war with Kansas was in full swing and the Missouri Legislature appropriated $30,000, almost a million dollars in today's money, to establish a military post on the…

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February 17, 1857

Iron County was established on this date.

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February 16, 1999

Police arrested several dozen people and maced many more when Fat Tuesday crowds got out of hand in St. Louis's Soulard Neighborhood.

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February 14, 1789

Colonel George Morgan and seventy colonists established the city of New Madrid on this date.

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February 10, 1856

The United States Supreme Court began hearing arguments in the landmark Dred Scott case.

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The Birdman of Salem

Artist David Plank can’t remember a time when he wasn’t drawn to birds. While his boyhood friends were busy kicking soccer balls and hitting baseballs, David was in the woods of…

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February 10, 1971

Satchel Paige was inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame.

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January 13, 1969

The young man from a background of extreme poverty was sworn in on this date to become the first Missouri Governor to serve consecutive terms. His name was Warren E. Hearnes.

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