This article is presented in partnership with Burgers’ Smokehouse.

California, MO, located just west of Jefferson City, MO on Highway 50, is home to Burgers’ Smokehouse, a family owned and operated manufacturer of country ham, bacon and other specialty smoked and cured meats and foods.  Burgers’ Smokehouse was started in 1927 when founder E.M. Burger started selling country hams to neighbors and friends. From there, the business continued to grow as word got out about the impeccable taste and it was a mainstay on tables all across the country. If you haven’t tried any products from Burgers’ Smokehouse, it may be hard for you to imagine what you are missing, but trust us when we say…you don’t want to delay!

Let’s start with their bacon.  They make a dry cured bacon, which means they start with fresh bellies, season them with a simple cure mixture and let that cure mixture age on the bellies for days before they slow smoke the pork into what we know as bacon.  It may sound simple, but the flavor of this bacon is nothing but complex. Also, since it’s dry cured, there is no water added. So, no water added means no water to cook out and more bacon on your plate! We know that their Hickory Smoked and Applewood Smoked bacon are their most popular flavors, but they also make some interesting flavors like Maple Hickory Smoked, Peppered Hickory Smoked and even a Cajun flavor bacon!

We mentioned their business began by selling country hams.  If you aren’t familiar with country ham, it’s also a dry cured product, but instead of curing a ham for a few days like the bacon, they cure and age these hams for over 90 days.  And some for over 210 days! All of that time results in a flavor that can’t be matched without the same time, patience and attention to detail and quality that the Burger family has never stopped, after all of these decades.  They offer their original country ham and their E.M. Burger Attic Aged Country ham. Both are delicious and both should be tried if you have not already!

Although ham and bacon are favorites, they have many other products that fill our plates including a full line of barbecue meats like pulled pork, brisket and pulled chicken.  And snacks that are made with the same quality and dedication and packed with protein like their Beef & Ozark summer sausages and snack sticks that don’t require refrigeration and are perfect to take on the go.  And the gifts. Have you seen all of the gift items?

The gift selection at Burgers’ Smokehouse is a treat in itself.  From bacon samplers to ham & biscuit mix sets or a variety of barbecue items, there is literally something for everyone.  Although many of these gifts are sent near the holidays, they can ship these items year-round for other gifting occasions, such as, birthdays, thank you or sympathy gifts too.  How lovely to receive six pounds of bacon for your birthday this year?

And speaking of shipping, Burgers’ Smokehouse can ship any of their products, in any combination, anywhere in the U.S. And unless you are asking for something special, they offer Free Shipping!  As you plan your next meal, company event, business gift or personal gift, we would suggest taking a look at the selection offered from this sponsor and fellow Missouri based company to see if they can help you out.

Burgers’ Smokehouse is still owned by descendants of E.M. Burger and managed by members of the third and fourth generations, with E.M.’s grandson, Steven Burger, serving as president of the company.  Burgers’ Smokehouse products can be found at your local retailer, at their onsite company store or can be ordered online. You can learn more at and stay up to date with all of the latest happenings by joining their email list and following them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.