Tour a simple life at six Amish Communities

Exploring Amish country is an adventure. Watch for signs and don’t be afraid to veer off the main highway and onto the country roads to find shops.


Not too far outside the city limits, Amish homesteads started popping up along Route F. The Amish settled in Jamesport in 1953 where farm land was affordable and their families could stick together. From the original seven families, there are more than 175 Amish families living in Jamesport now, which makes this settlement the largest old Amish order west of the Mississippi.


Amish country is concentrated near Route Y, north of Route 22 near Sturgeon. The county roads are full of Amish shops like a salvage grocery store on Co. Rd. 175 and a bakery on Co. Rd. 179.

Maps are available at the Moberly Chamber of Commerce. Call 660- 263-6070 for more information.


Located along Route C about five miles north of Seymour, this community is more closed off to tourists than other Amish communities, but there is a bulk grocery store. Visitors are welcome to explore the rest of the countryside by vehicle. Call 417-935-9300 for more information.


The Four County Produce Auction, located a mile north of town off Route WW, draws visitors April through October for fresh, in-season Amish produce. Go to for the schedule. You can also find greenhouses and the Kuntry Bulk Store on Brandon Road, and Amish goods and furniture are for sale at Dave’s Country Market and Windsor Hardware in town. Call 660-647-2318 for more information.

Bowling Green

This is a more conservative Amish sect, so please take care not to photograph them. There are nearly thirty shops and businesses, including furniture, a butcher shop, discount grocery, and more. Download a map at

Mt. Vernon/Aurora

The Amish country can be found along Route P, off of Route 39. Stop by Down The Lane (at the crossroads of county roads 2170 and 1135), a restaurant run by an “English” woman who donates all the tips she receives to the Amish for their healthcare. Call 417-678-4150 for more information.