Red Schoendienst is Born: February 2, 1923:

Red Schoendienst, St. Louis Cardinals

Red Schoendienst, whose full name is Albert Fred Schoendienst, was born on this date in 1923 in Germantown, Illinois. Red made his name playing for a variety of MLB teams (most notably the St. Louis Cardinals) primarily as a second baseman. Schoendienst was recognized for his defensive skills and versatility on the field.

He grew up the son of a coal miner just forty miles from St. Louis, but his baseball career was not always a certainty. He worked for the Civilian Conservation Corps beginning in 1939 and during his time there suffered an eye injury which made it hard to read certain pitches. This would eventually lead to him playing as a switch hitter. He auditioned for a spot on the Cardinals in 1942 and was not initially selected, but after a change of heart the Cards’ lead scout drove to Schoedienst’s hometown to sign him. A retrospective blog post on his career claims he started out making $75 a month.

Red spent a significant portion of his playing career in St. Louis Cardinals, contributing to a World Series title in 1946. During the offseason that year, he won the Home Run Derby. Schoendienst was an All-Star player and received the Gold Glove Award for his outstanding defensive abilities. After retiring as a player, Red Schoendienst transitioned into coaching and managing. He managed the St. Louis Cardinals from 1965 to 1976, leading the team to a World Series victory in 1967.

In 1989, Red Schoendienst was honored with induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, recognizing his significant contributions to the sport. He maintained a long and enduring connection with baseball, spending over seven decades involved in various capacities. Schoendienst’s legacy is that of a baseball legend, and the Cardinals retired his jersey number in 1996. He passed away on June 6, 2018.