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Missouri’s medical marijuana law was passed in 2018. In Missouri, doctors can recommend medical marijuana for several qualifying conditions. Learn more about how you may be eligible for treatment.

You May Qualify for Medical Marijuana Treatment

Many people may not know how to qualify for a medical marijuana card in Missouri. The process of obtaining a Missouri marijuana card is fairly straightforward. Now, with telemedicine appointments, the process is even easier.

To qualify for a Missouri medical marijuana card, you must fulfill the following qualifications: be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition, have the official written certification from a Missouri licensed physician, and be a Missouri resident with proof of residency (Missouri drivers license or Missouri state ID card).

You will first need to schedule an evaluation with a certified physician in order to receive approval. When your doctor approves you, they will send your certification form to you on the same day.

Finding a Licensed Doctor

At Missouri Marijuana Card, all doctors are licensed and can recommend patients for medical marijuana treatment. Currently, all appointments are conducted through a safe, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform. Patients can connect from their smartphone, tablet, or computer for a secure video conference with a fifteen- to twenty-minute consultation with one of the doctors. 

Once the doctor reviews your medical history, confirms that your condition qualifies and that you may benefit from treatment, they will give you a signed certification that day. With your Missouri Marijuana Card, you can visit local dispensaries and legally purchase medical cannabis products.

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is a safe and effective treatment option that has numerous benefits for so many different medical conditions and symptoms. While the conception may be that only patients with life-threatening diseases may seek treatment, Missouri residents may be surprised to know several conditions such as PTSD, glaucoma, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis (among others) qualify for treatment. 

In fact, chronic pain is consistently the number one reason patients seek treatment across all states, and doctors have the authorization to recommend medical marijuana for any diagnosed debilitating condition that may improve with therapeutic cannabis.

Cannabis comes in a variety of forms and strains, so patients have several options for a comprehensive treatment plan for relief of their specific symptoms. 

About Missouri Marijuana Card

Missouri Marijuana Card and its affiliated companies across the country have helped more than 70,000 patients obtain their medical marijuana card nationwide, with clinics in Ohio, Arkansas, Missouri, West Virginia, Virginia, and Louisiana.

In addition to safe, easy telemedicine appointments, Missouri Marijuana Card is unmatched in offering patient resources. Some of the patient benefits include same day approval, price match guarantee, and veteran discounts. 

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