Mary Scott Hair of Hurley, located southwest of Springfield, publishes her forward to a two-part history of the early days of Stone County. Written by Charles L. Henson, the history describes the region’s early 1800s days as home to the Delaware people through to the creation of Stone County in 1851, according to the document published in the White River Valley Historical Quarterly. This portrait from about 1837 shows Delaware Chief Tish-Co-Han.

Photo credit: Bowen, J. T., Biddle, E. C., McKenney, T. L. & Hall, J. (ca. 1837) Tish-Co-Han. A Delaware chief / printed & coloured at I.T. Bowen’s Lithographic Establishment No. 94 Walnut St. , ca. 1837. Philadelphia: Published by E.C. Biddle, Philadelphia. [Photograph] Retrieved from the Library of Congress,