Just announced by U.S. Census Bureau: Population Center of the United States is now Hartville, MO.

Photo courtesy of NOAA

This means the same number of people reside north and south, and also east and west, of this center.  The 2020 national mean center of population is 37.415725 N, 92.346525 W, the most western and southern mean center of population point in our nation’s history. The 2020 center of population is 11.8 miles from the 2010 center, which was at Plato, and 885.9 miles from the 1790 center, outside of Baltimore, MD. Hartville, Missouri, the nearest incorporated municipality to the 2020 center of population, is a town of 594 people in Wright County, Missouri.  Since 1980, the population center of the U.S. has been in Missouri.