October 2, 1865

The first regularly scheduled train service between St. Louis and Kansas City began on this day. It was an 18-hour trip.

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Greene County Courthouse

October 17, 1865

A fair was held at the Greene County Courthouse in Springfield to raise funds for the relief of the area’s war orphans.  

Artist depiction of UFO

October 19, 1865

The Missouri Democrat newspaper was reporting that a trapper, James Lumley, had seen a "bright luminous body" in the skies moving toward the east. Then there was a loud explosion and the smell of sulphur in the air. He found the large object which was divided into compartments and had something like hieroglyphs on its surface. He also discovered glass and "strange stains."

St. Louis Cardinals baseball player hitting a home run in Busch Stadium

October 1, 1963

Birthday of slugger, Mark McGuire.

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