A SUNDAY DRIVE in Glasgow starts at the new John Donaldson Field and Statue, dedicated in September. A native son and founding member of the Kansas City Monarchs, Donaldson held an unmatched career as a left-handed pitcher for the Negro Baseball Leagues. He holds more segregated wins (413) and strikeouts (5,091) than any pitcher in the history of the game. Donaldson is a celebrated unsung hero.

Just north of the field on Randolph Street, four featured historic homes line the road; the Harrison House, James S. Thomson Mansion (now Karbelle Mansion), Earickson House and Shackelford House on the right across from Glasgow School and Historical Marker.

Karbelle Mansion

East on 8th Street past the old baseball field stands the marker for Evans School, Glasgow’s only all-black school until desegregation in 1957. A turn on Washington Street will take you past Washington Cemetery on your left, then a right onto 6th Street where you’ll arrive at the First African American Campbell Chapel AME. The next stop on 4th Street is the Glasgow Museum. The First United Methodist Church (1851) is at the end corner of 4th and Market Street across from the Lewis Library. Drive west on Market Street into downtown Glasgow, where Rolling Pin Bakery, Riverbend Restaurant, Muddy Mo’s Pizza, Bushwacker Bend Winery, and Beckett’s Restaurant are great stops for dining on the river. Continue on Market Street to the river to find the Glasgow Overlook, with views of the “World’s First Steel Bridge” (1879) and the sharpest bend in the Missouri River.

At the end of Water Street, at the Lewis and Clark Trail sign, park and walk up the dirt road on the left to find the “Hand in the Wall,” a supposed secret speakeasy symbol during Prohibition. Continue south on Market veering left before the train tracks to end at the Glasgow Train Depot.

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Points of Interest

1. John Donaldson Field and Statue

2. Historical Homes of Glasgow founding families
i. Harrison House (1872)
ii. Thomson Mansion (1874)
iii. Earickson House (1842)
iv. Shackelford House (1859)

3. Evans School

4. Washington Cemetery

5. Campbell Chapel A.M.E. Church (1844)

6. Glasgow Community Museum & Lewis Library

7. Glasgow Downtown & Scenic Overlook

8. Glasgow Train Depot