Brought to you in partnership with Prolific Exteriors: A caring company giving back. When the pandemic began, Angie and Jimmy Clampitt, owners of Prolific Exteriors, were struck by how much more difficult teachers’ jobs were. They decided to recognize and reward teachers for their extra efforts: by giving a new roof to one deserving teacher – absolutely free!


With kids and grandkids in various area school systems, the Clampitts saw firsthand the battles teachers faced during Covid. They also had numerous friends and acquaintances in the teaching field who shared their trials and observations. All this led the Clampitts to establish the Apple For A Teacher Project.

In 2022 – the project’s inaugural year – Angela Muenks was the first Prolific Exteriors Apple for A Teacher Project winner. Angela was nominated for the award because of her dedication to her family, students, and the community.

The company received 131 nominations for 42 different teachers across Mid-Missouri! After a thorough review of the nominations, a board of four retired teachers selected the winner – with financial need being an important criteria.

Initial winner Angela says, “Angie and Jimmy are wonderful caring people. If you are looking for a company that gives back to the community, are wonderful to work with, and does an outstanding job, you have found it. I am the winner of their first Apples for Teachers roof giveaway. They made my roof experience so easy, everything from picking out shingles to installation. I do not have words that can express the appreciation of a wonderful gift. Thank you Angie and Jimmy!!”

According to the Clampitts, “It has been said that ‘Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.’ We at Prolific Exteriors believe this is true and want to thank our teachers for what they do. At no other time in our history has teaching been as challenging as it is today. In addition to teaching our kids, they are expected to be a counselor, a confidant, a psychic, a parent, a doctor, a party planner, a comedian, and dietitian. Despite unrealistic demands they handle these roles with class, style, and love.”

Founded in February of 2021, Angie, Jimmy, and their crew now offer roof replacement, roof repair, roof insurance claims, siding, gutters and more. They’ve grown their business quickly – in part due to the severe hailstorms that hit Mid-Missouri in March of 2023. They recently reached the milestone of 200 installed roofs.

While Prolific Exteriors provides a free roof to one deserving teacher each year, the company provides a  differrent free service to everyone: free estimates to homeowners in Jefferson City, Columbia, Mexico, Fulton, Centralia, Paris, Boonville, Montgomery City Moberly and all the surrounding communities of Central MO.

To learn more about the Apple for Teacher Project click here