Does the world really need another chili cook-off? Two Missouri organizations didn’t think so. They said “Bean there, done that” and came up with a unique and fun fundraising alternative. Don’t fret, you still get to sample something yummy. 

Photo Courtesy of Dill Pickle Dip

If you’re someone who “relishes” dips – whether they’re cheesy, chunky, or chocolatey, you won’t want to miss the inaugural Dip-Off fundraiser happening Saturday, Jan. 21 in Rolla. The event is co-sponsored by The Rolla Mission and LBGTQ Rolla.

The Dip-Off is the brainchild of Shasta Johnson, president of LGBTQ Rolla. Tired of spaghetti dinners and not a fan of chili, Shasta pitched the idea of a Dip-Off to Sara Buell, marketing and donor relations manager of The Rolla Mission, when the two were brainstorming fundraiser ideas. You could say Sara was bowled over by its originality.

Dip-so-maniacs were asked to register their dip and pay a $10 entry fee. There were 4 categories available: savory, sweet, cheese, and miscellaneous. Each category was capped at 10 dips. The dip makers also were asked to supply a “conveyance” for their dip, namely veggies, chips, crackers, bread, etc…

Photo Courtesy of The Rolla Mission and LGBTQ Rolla

So far, Shasta says she has received entrees for Dip Louise (a sweet and fluffy dip for cookies or fruit), hummus, savory 1960s party dip, sweet bacon onion dip, cheese ball, buffalo chicken dip, pizza dip, and apple pie dip. Those oughta whet your appetite!

Each dip will have a descriptor card detailing its ingredients and flagging any potential food allergies. Single-serve cups of each dip entry – enough for a bite or two – will be offered along with the maker’s chosen edible “dipping device,” such as crackers.

This is where you come in. For just $5 (ages 12 and under free), you get to sample an array of delightful dips in each of the 4 categories (potentially 40 different dips!) and then vote for your fave in each category. Tasting takes place between 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., with final judging and prizes being awarded between 12:30 and 1 p.m.

The winners will receive bragging rights plus a cool custom-made prize that’s cooking-related. Although the Dip-Off is being held in the auditorium of CrossRoads at 708 Main St. in Rolla, Mo., the event has no religious affiliation.

If you’re a dip devotee – or even just want to contribute to a good cause, check out this novel noshing event. Here’s hoping The Rolla Mission and LGBTQ Rolla have found a recipe for success with it!