February 14, 1928

When news broke that Charles Lindbergh was returning home from his goodwill tour of Mexico and South America, 100,000 people crowded the St. Louis riverfront to welcome him. When he saw the crowd, Lindbergh put on a stunt-flying show for them. 

May 31, 1927

King George awarded Charles Lindbergh England's Distinguished Flying Cross on this day. This and many other Lindbergh items are on display for free at the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park.

April 14, 1926

Charles Lindbergh flew the first air mail run between St. Louis and Chicago. His employer, Robertson Aircraft Company of St. Louis would grow into American Airlines. Lindbergh crashed twice on this St. Louis to Chicago run and fellow pilots began calling him "Lucky Lindy."

December 10, 1929

Direct air mail service began between St. Louis and New York.

August 17, 1927

Having arrived in town in the Spirit of St. Louis, Charles Lindbergh dedicated the new Municipal Airport in Kansas City. A crowd of 25,000 was on hand. 

March 21, 1928

President Coolidge presented Charles Lindbergh with the Congressional Medal of Honor.

September 30, 1926

With engine failure in his mail plane, Lucky Lindy (Charles Lindbergh) glided in for a safe landing in a farm field.  Two weeks earlier his plane ran out of gas near Chicago and he was forced to bail out.