June 26, 1804

Lewis and Clark had now traversed the entire breadth of the future state of Missouri. They were at the present site of Kansas City and preparing to start north along the western edge of our state.

June 10, 1804

Lewis and Clark spent this day walking the prairies of central Missouri. They wrote of being impressed with the combination of good soil, grass, and an abundance of wild fruit near present day New Cambridge.  

May 21, 1804

The Lewis and Clark Expedition (the Voyage of Discovery) spent most of the day in St. Charles as the men took their last chance to attend church. Most of them were expected to die along the way so the Captains allowed them plenty of time. They didn't push off until about 3 PM. They made three miles progress that first day and camped on an island at the mouth of the Bonhomme Creek, which is now Chesterfield.

September 18, 1806

Lewis and Clark's men were still in such a hurry to get back home that they wouldn't stop to hunt. They did stop to dig some potatoes that someone found and they gathered a few paw paws. They also ate the last of their biscuits.

September 15, 1806

At the future site of Downtown Kansas City men of the Lewis and Clark expedition were blaming the change from two years of cold, wet climate to that of Missouri's for all the discomfort they are feeling.

September 9, 1806

Going with the Flow. With the help of the current, Lewis and Clark were speeding down the river toward St. Louis. On this night they stopped and camped again in what is today, Missouri. They were just south of the Missouri-Iowa border.

July 9, 1804

Lewis and Clark were exploring in present day Holt County.

June 14, 1804

The Corps of Discovery was having a terrible time in western Missouri near present day Miami. The current of the river was so strong that they were running out of ways to get the boats upstream.

May 14, 1804

The Lewis and Clark Expedition (the Voyage of Discovery) left St. Louis to explore the unknown west.  

February 28, 1803

Congress set aside money on this date for a small military unit to explore the valleys of the Missouri and Columbia Rivers. Thomas Jefferson chose a childhood friend, Meriwether Lewis, to head the expedition.