Well, Wood You Look at That?

Now in its third year, Millers Rustic Sawmill's annual Sawdust Fest has become a must-see event. Attendees can take in various demonstrations and shop with regional artisans. And trust us, you do not want to miss the belt sander race.

French Connection

Say oui to a weekend in Historic Downtown Ste. Genevieve, where the 27th French Heritage Festival will whisk visitors away to another time by recreating French Colonial-style celebrations and showcasing skills and arts representative of the period.

Arts and Drafts

The Beer Walk for the Arts is an afternoon of historic homes, art demonstrations, live music, samples from local restaurants, and—of course—craft beer. There's plenty of fun to be had, and money raised benefits St. Joseph's arts scene.

On the Watch for Sasquatch

Think you've got what it takes to track down one of North America's most famous cryptids? The third annual Weston Bigfoot Search is your chance to bring home the glory—and perhaps a special trophy. Pro tip: Start practicing your Bigfoot call now.

Tea for the Governor’s Mansion

Hosted by the Friends of the Governor's Mansion, this elegant royal tea raises funds for the upkeep of the historic home's interior. Come for the petit fours, leave knowing you'll have played a role in preserving Missouri's history.

Morel Grounds

Now is the time to indulge in Missouri’s favorite mushroom—the morel. In Reeds Spring, this festival brings together first-time and experienced foragers alike for a mushroom hunt in an Ozark canyon bottom, followed by a night of live music.

Doniphan Prepares to Party in Darkness

With thousands of visitors converging for the total solar eclipse—and temporarily boosting the population by 120% to 2000%—this little river town is ready for the big show. A weekend of events highlights the area's culture, history, and natural beauty.

See pop culture creators at ArtCon

Plan ahead to visit this annual pop culture convention featuring actor Isaac Singleton, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ande Parks, creator of the comic “Ciudad” that inspired the film, Extraction, and Kevin Mellon, who worked on The Vampire Diaries.

A “Gouda” Way to Spend a Saturday

The 4th Annual MO Mac & Cheese Fest in Springfield invites you to eat your fill of cheesy comfort food on Saturday, January 13, 2024. Sample the 21 creations showcased at this year’s event and meet this year’s MO Mac & Cheese king and queen!

See the Dazzling Dresses Worn by Ginger Rogers

You can see some of the spectacular dresses worn by Hollywood star Ginger Rogers and hear how her garments influence modern designers at a special program coming up next week. Ginger, who was born in Independence, frequently defied society norms.