SLU Wins Soccer Championship

On November 28, 1959, Saint Louis University wins the first-ever NCAA Divison 1 Men’s Soccer Championship. SLU Billikens soccer team won a national title against the University of Bridgeport 5-2, finishing the season 11-1.

SLU was Founded

On November 16, 1818, Saint Louis University is founded as the oldest college west of the Mississippi.

March 18, 1948

Saint Louis University wins the national basketball championship. In the years before the NCAA Tournament and March Madness, college basketball's champion was crowned at the National Invitational Tournament (NIT).

Washington University flag

November 23, 1791

Philanthropist John O’Fallon was born on this day.  He established the O’Fallon Institute which is now Washington University. 

Martin Luther King Jr.

October 12, 1964

Today in Missouri History: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivers a major speech in Missouri to thousands of students, faculty, and staff at Saint Louis University inside the West Pine Gymnasium.