Exchanging holiday treats is a time-honored tradition and what is better than a batch of fresh-baked goodies from a friend or family member. Missouri Life reached out and got cookies, their stories, and recipes from all across the state. Try one of these recipes for your own cookie exchange.

Photos by Jessalynn Caire

By Sandy Selby

The Statewide Holiday Cookie Exchange

The doorbell rings in December, and the fortunate will find a friend at the threshold bearing a gift of homemade treats. The sharing of Christmas cookies is a time-honored and deliciously old-fashioned holiday ritual that we hope never falls out of favor. 

It was in the spirit of that sweet tradition that we called upon our Missouri Life ambassadors to recruit talented home bakers in their counties to send us their favorite Christmas cookies. We weren’t looking for the perfection found in professional bake shops, although many of these bakers have the skills to turn pro. Our aim was to collect homemade cookies that would have starring roles in those gift boxes and tins passed between family, neighbors, coworkers, and friends. The result was a deluxe assortment of flavorful goodies from around the state, each accompanied with a recipe and a story about why that cookie holds a revered place in their baking repertoire.

We hope you will find cookies here that lure you into the kitchen for some holiday baking. Somewhere between the measuring and stirring and baking, you may find yourself filled with the joy of the season. Once the cookies have cooled, tuck them inside fancy little boxes adorned with ribbons and tags, then go out and share glad tidings and delectable treats with those you love.

Click here to get the downloadable PDF of the entire cookie exchange article and recipes.

Article originally published in the November/December 2022 issue of Missouri Life.