The Best Chocolate Makes the Best Cookies

This recipe is worthy of buying the chocolate from Askinosie Chocolate in Springfield, MO or your favorite hand-crafted chocolate maker. Cinnamon adds a depth of flavor and the pecans add richness to every bite. Make them for your sweetie!

Pumpkin Soup with Cinnamon Croutons!

You will want to make extra cinnamon croutons when you make this soup. They are great little snacks while the soup is cooking. The creamy pumpkin is accented with a bit of maple syrup and honey for the perfect sweetness.

Luscious Seared Scallops with Fresh Rosemary

You can make these decadent seared scallops at home as a special treat for yourself and your loved ones. The recipe is simple yet luxurious and has a perfect blend of flavors. Using fresh rosemary sprigs as the “toothpick” is inspired.

Cookie Exchange: Christmas Cranberry Cookie

For our last cookie in the Great Statewide Cookie Exchange, which we’ve shared all month, we present cranberry cookies. This contributor took her grandmother’s recipe, searched the cupboard for ingredients, and improvised this recipe.

Cookie Exchange: Graham Cracker Brownies

Here’s another recipe from our Great Statewide Cookie Exchange, which we’ve been running all month. It’s contributed by a baker who makes at least 20 different cookies in just three days every year to give as gifts

Apple–Oatmeal Cookies

These Oatmeal Cookies are the Yummiest, Chewiest You’ve Ever Tasted

As we continue sharing cookies in our Great Statewide Cookie Exchange this month, this time we turn to a commercial bakery that shared its secret for the yummiest, chewiest oatmeal cookies you ever tasted.

Unusual Fruitcake Christmas Cookie

These bite-size fruitcake cookies are perfect for cookie boxes or tins. They are our Editor-in-Chief’s favorite cookies because her late mother always made them.

Eat Local Missouri Black Beans & Rice

After all the rich holiday party food, we thought you might like a simpler but still protein-rich black beans and rice dish, especially since you can make it with products grown right here in Missouri.

Want a not-so-sweet cookie? Try Piparkukas

Here’s another cookie from our Great Statewide Cookie Exchange, submitted from the Kansas City area. Piparkukas are Latvian Gingerbread Cookies, and we like them for snacks because they’re spicy but not overly sweet.

We love Christmas Cookies!

Our Missouri Life Ambassadors recruited talented home bakers from around the state who generously shared their favorite Christmas cookie recipes. Try out this delicious Chocolate Mint Cookie recipe.