Missouri Life magazine ambassador count is now at 102!

What is a Missouri Life Ambassador?
A Missouri Life Ambassador shares suggestions, information, and insights with the magazine’s editors. We encourage our ambassadors to share story ideas and calendar items, and to offer opinions­ on special projects so that every part of Missouri is included in our award-winning coverage.

An ambassador is in-the-know about what’s happening in his or her county, and is willing to communicate regularly with the editors. Ambassadors are skilled enough on a computer or smartphone to send/receive emails and participate in online surveys that we create specifically for ambassador feedback.

These counties still need an ambassador (updated June 7, 2022)


What’s In It For You?
As a Missouri Life Ambassador, you’ll help spread the word about your county’s attractions and events in the pages of Missouri Life, which boasts more paid subscribers than any other magazine in the state. Plus, you’ll enjoy perks that are exclusive to our volunteer ambassadors:

  • An annual luncheon in your region with the editor-in-chief and other ambassadors from nearby counties.
  • Missouri Life swag, including a T-shirt and other gifts.
  • A gift subscription to Missouri Life that you can give to a friend.
  • A write-up about you on the new “Meet the Ambassadors” page in the magazine and on the website.
  • A voice in future editorial round-up features (example: Best Burgers in the State, Great Day Trips, Roadside Museums Worth the Drive, etc.), the Best of Missouri Life awards, and a fun project we have in the works for the holiday season in 2022!

How Are Ambassadors Selected?
We are looking for a minimum of one ambassador per county, although we may select two ambassadors from large or densely populated counties.

Complete this simple online questionnaire to apply. We’ll contact you via email to let you know if you’ve been selected as a Missouri Life Ambassador for your county. If you aren’t chosen as an ambassador at this time, don’t fret. We’ll still value your suggestions and feedback and will keep your name on hand in case we need to recruit another ambassador for your county.

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