A grandfather suffering from pain and anger finds relief

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Former KOPN DJ Rasta

James J., also known as Rasta, was born and raised in Sedalia, Missouri. He is 64 years old, has seven children and nineteen grandchildren. He served as an MP (Military Police) in the Air Force and after he was released, he became a disc jockey on KOPN. He is retired now and loves to spend time with his family.

James incurred a back injury while in the military and was suffering with daily pain, anger, and problems sleeping. He was prescribed Tramadol and Meloxicam for the pain, but it caused stomach problems and did not make him feel better. As the years went on, he suffered with severe hip problems, which was a secondary result of his back injury, and eventually James had double hip replacement surgery.

He was among the first patients to register with the state to purchase medical marijuana legally, and received his Missouri Medical Marijuana card in July 2019. He no longer takes prescribed meds and instead has been medicating with cannabis. He said, “This pain used to be awful and now it’s almost gone completely,” which allows him to spend quality time with his grandchildren and to engage in his daily activities again. Cannabis also helped with managing his anger issues, as well as relaxation and sleep. 

When asked what he would say to someone who is hesitant to try cannabis as medicine, James said, “Give it a shot! It will surprise you how much it can help. Cannabis is better for your health versus being on meds.”

Cannabis is his medicine!

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