This article is presented in partnership with Burgers’ Smokehouse.

It was 1927, near California, Missouri, when E.M. and Natalia Burger cured an extra six hams to sell. They probably didn’t know that they were starting a business that would be a key manufacturer of country cured hams and still be thriving over 90 years later, doing business as Burgers’ Smokehouse.  Today, the business is still located at that same location, just west of Jefferson City, Missouri on Highway 50 and South on Highway 87. 

Over the years, they’ve been recognized for many achievements, but when asked, they are most proud of their dedication to making the highest quality food possible and creating products that bring family and friends together over a memorable meal.

Their mouthwatering country hams are aged for at least 90 days, and have become a staple in the Ozarks. They carry a distinct, bold, and salty flavor that can only be replicated with time and attention to detail.  Add red eye gravy or biscuits to the country ham to create a must-try meal. 

In addition to the country hams, the brine-cured, Hickory Smoked City Ham, and Hickory Smoked turkeys make any meal a celebration.  Both are made under the watchful eye of the smoke master, and feature a sweet and smoky flavor that pairs well with popular side dishes like mashed potatoes and carrots. 

One of the best parts about these delicious meats is that many of them come fully cooked. That takes the guesswork out of cooking them correctly and allows you to spend time with family and friends instead of in the kitchen. Guaranteeing yourself a stress-free, great tasting meal every time!

Don’t think Burgers’ Smokehouse is solely food for a special occasion, though. It’s a staple around households at the breakfast table, too. The dry cured bacon is made with no water added and slow smoked over real wood chips. The process creates a truly distinctive flavor that is different than many “grocery store” bacon.  Since there is no water added, there is no water to cook out and more bacon to eat on your plate! The ham slices and sausage patties are fabulous for breakfast or brunch as well. 

The holidays are coming and Burgers’ Smokehouse has made it easy to order and send a great tasting gift at any time  You can send all of the products above or choose from over 50 other gift samplers. Plus, if you are shipping to the lower 48 states, shipping is free!

Whether it’s for use in your kitchen or sharing with a friend, this Missouri-based company has you covered for all of your smoked meat and premium food needs.  

To this day, the company is still family owned and operated and supports the local economy through jobs and giving back to the community. You can take a road trip out to the Factory Country Store in California, Missouri to see the process. 

Monday–Saturday, 8 AM to 5 PM. (Open Saturdays through Christmas) or learn more about them on their website at

Happy eating!