The Stars and Stripes newspaper – a publication for military troops produced by soldiers themselves – makes a one-issue debut using Bloomfield Daily Herald presses. The Stars and Stripes masthead continues to serve the military today and is overseen by the US Department of Defense, according to a Library of Congress history. This photo shows editors around the time of World War II preparing an issue of Stars and Stripes at the London Times headquarters for service members in Europe. Read about the Stars and Stripes Museum and Library here

Photo credit: United States Office Of War Information. One year of reciprocal aid. Complete facilities for publication of the daily newspaper “Stars and Stripes” for and by the American armed forces in the European theatre are supplied without charge by the British government. They range from ticker facilities to newsprint. Staff Sergeant Ben F. Price of Iowa, photo and make-up editor, is here working out the make-up in the London Times composing room. United Kingdom, None. [Between 1940 and 1946] [Photograph] Retrieved from the Library of Congress,